Become parents

Those who have already despaired of conceiving a child turn to our Agency. When all means have been tried, we become the last hope for many couples... and give them the joy of long-awaited parenthood!

You can be sure that you will receive a healthy heir within 9 months after signing the contract.

We have a wide base of surrogate mothers and select a candidate who fully meets all the requirements:

  • lives in Kyrgyzstan or in Russia ;
  • does not leave the region of residence for the period of pregnancy (Bishkek);
  • already has her own healthy child;
  • responsible attitude to motherhood, without bad habits;
  • always in touch and under the supervision of our supervisor (compulsory medical education);
  • passes all the required examinations and fulfills the recommendations.

For any questions, please call the phone number listed on the website or fill out the feedback form. We will advise you in detail and help you make the right choice!

For Biological parents, the necessary documents for the conclusion of the contract 

1. Identity card/Passport of both spouses

2. Marriage certificate

3. The conclusion of the medical organization on the use of assisted reproductive methods and technologies, with full, exhaustive information about the biomaterials of the spouses used for this.